High School at South Hills Academy

South Hills Academy believes that young people learn best when school feels like an extension of their daily life where faculty members guide and mentor them. We deliver a Christ-centered, well-rounded liberal arts education that is  based on American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards. These standards ensure that students are prepared for study in universities around the world.

SHA is an international school, with current students hailing from China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mexico, France, Vietnam, and Russia, and we are working to find students in other countries. This presents our high schoolers with a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with and learn from students with different backgrounds while building appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

Our high school is small by California standards, so teachers get a chance to know students on a personal level and to support their after-high school plans positively - Emmanuel Lacoste, Head of Schools

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers university-level curricula to high school students. Students who score well on their exams have a chance at earning AP credits, which are accepted at universities around the world. AP students also have an edge when applying to the most competitive universities in the world. SHA currently offers over 20 of the 38 A.P. courses. Each year we modify our course offerings to best fit student needs.

AP Capstone Diploma

This program consists of two courses – AP Seminar and AP Research – and is designed to provide students with the opportunity to direct their own learning while teachers give students the necessary skills to dive deep into their selected topic. Students who score well on their AP exams for these classes along with four other AP classes will earn the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma.

High School Electives

SHA offers band, choir, visual art, yearbook, drama, STEM, public speaking, debate, and entrepreneurship. These elective classes have regular performance or galleries to show what the students have accomplished. And students in the entrepreneurship class start and run their own businesses.

After School Programs

Students are required to participate in an after-school competitive program of their choice. Programs include dance, cheer, sports, speech and debate, and STEAM. We want our students to enjoy extracurricular experiences that strengthen their in-school relationships and help prepare them for college and beyond.

A College Preparatory Curriculum

As a college-preparatory academy, we focus on maintaining excellence in academics, while helping students develop their individual characters, their social skills, and their physical health.


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