Elementary School at South Hills Academy

South Hills Academy offers a well-rounded Christian-based program with small class sizes. We have earned a reputation for outstanding academics, and our students operate at a level above most other schools. Our teachers strive to build confidence and academic excellence. Each classroom teacher diligently plans instruction that targets individual learning needs by using a variety of academic resources and teaching strategies.

We emphasize Christian character and loving thy neighbor in our daily practices so that our school has a strong family atmosphere and students love coming to school to be with one another. Once a week, students attend a chapel service to focus on Christian lessons as a whole elementary school.

Elementary Core Subjects

Elementary School Highlights

Elementary Enrichment Classes

SHA recognizes that a well-balanced program includes a strong enrichment program. Each one of our enrichment classes is taught by a specialist in that area. Students attend classes weekly for 45 minutes, with the exception of PE that is twice a week. Technology is built into our classroom instruction. Students in kindergarten and first grade have access to tablets, second and third graders have access to Chrome Books, and fourth and fifth graders have access to laptops.


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Core Subjects

Middle school core subjects:


All middle school students participate in the following activities: