SHA Update

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Online with Kinder

In Ms. Sherrill’s Kinder Science Unit they are learning how animals change and grow.

MS Bible

Ms. Lowe is teaching 6th grade the story of Daniel, a story of true faith, beauty, and courage. Our South Hills Academy students are going to be the leaders of the new generation, a God inspired “Daniel Generation.”

Virtual 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Nguyen’s class getting into pronouns and possessive pronouns. They are learning the difference between pronouns and possessive pronouns.

High School ESLO Awards

Students in high school were presented with the ESLO awards for the first semester. Check it out! See which students received the honors of the following awards: Christ-Centered, Effective Communicator, Socially Engaged, Critical Thinker, Global Citizen.

Elementary ESLO Awards

Students from Kindergarten through 5th grade were awarded with the first ESLO awards for being Effective Communicators. These students have demonstrated how to communicate effectively by voicing their opinions, knowing how to talk to their peers, staff and teachers, they know when to ask and answer questions, and they know how to be a good listener.

Lizard Wizard Day

Preschool students welcome the Lizard Wizard as they learn all about reptiles. From touching hard shell turtles to slimy frogs and scaly snakes. They learned all about their habitats and how big the animals can grow. What an exciting and scary opportunity for these youngsters to experience hands on, as they were able to touch and hold these creepy crawly reptiles if they dared!

SHA Christmas Program

On Tuesday, December 10th South Hills Academy had our annual Christmas Program, “A Savior is Born!” All grade levels performed and sang their hearts out! The staff and teachers did a surprise dance for students and parents to enjoy! What a great night! Everyone looked beautiful. Thank you to everyone that helped make this Christmas Program possible. This would not have been possible without you. And thank you so much to all our supporters and sponsors!


Mr. Pollard found a new innovative way of getting his students to think critically in Math class through a game called Round Robin by getting the kids out of their seats. Students went around the room solving expressions with order of operations. During this interactive process, the students goal was to find clues to solve their next equation.