Why a Christian Education

Why a Christian Education? It’s that time of year again. With July almost over, it’s time for students, parents, teachers, and administration to prepare for another school year. The dedicated people at South Hills Academy are already at work preparing to welcome our Eagles back

Kids in the kitchen

As society across the country is fully immersed in the sights and sounds of summer vacation, those in West Covina, CA might also be hearing our South Hills Academy Eagles fully immersed in the world of summer school. Among the usual summer school fare of

The Case for Cursive writing

I still remember the first day I ever served as a substitute teacher for a classroom. I looked over the instructions left by the 7th grade teacher and proceeded to write the assignments and instructions on the whiteboard. Another teacher popped her head in the

Dear Class of 2021

Graduation is a ceremony 13 years in the making. From the first day that kids are sent off to their kindergarten classrooms, parents are waiting for the day when they get to see their child march into an auditorium to the strains of Pomp and

A Fine Arts Education

The hills surrounding the city of West Covina were certainly alive with the sound of music last Friday evening! Some of you in the city may have heard the music being created on the blacktop of South Hills Academy by our K-8th grade students. From

SHA Update

This is the preview for the blog. It doesn’t have to be long, just give users an idea of what the blog is about.

Online with Kinder

In Ms. Sherrill’s Kinder Science Unit they are learning how animals change and grow.

MS Bible

Ms. Lowe is teaching 6th grade the story of Daniel, a story of true faith, beauty, and courage. Our South Hills Academy students are going to be the leaders of the new generation, a God inspired “Daniel Generation.”

Virtual 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Nguyen’s class getting into pronouns and possessive pronouns. They are learning the difference between pronouns and possessive pronouns.

High School ESLO Awards

Students in high school were presented with the ESLO awards for the first semester. Check it out! See which students received the honors of the following awards: Christ-Centered, Effective Communicator, Socially Engaged, Critical Thinker, Global Citizen.