We inspire and challenge every student to be a curious courageous confident learner

Located in West Covina, California, South Hills Academy aims to develop in our students the power to shape their lives and the world around them. We thrive as one school in the shared belief that a balanced education leads to a powerful life.


Avg. class size

Families choose SHA for our small class sizes


Avg. SAT score

SHA develops college-ready students


About Our Students

SHA students are highly motivated, perform at above average to exceptional ability, and seek academic challenge and community engagement.

Total enrollment: 400 Students

Lower School enrollment (K-Grade 5): 80 Students

Middle School enrollment (Grades 6-8): 80 Students

High School enrollment (Grades 9-12): 60 Students

Countries represented: 17

Students receiving Financial Aid: 19 percent


A developmentally appropriate educational experience where students discover and practice our school values.


The mission of our elementary classes is twofold, focusing on both the development of the student and the whole child.

Middle School

The Middle School program at SHA fosters a love of learning while encouraging newfound independence.

High School

Featuring a unique curriculum of stimulating electives and AP courses to prepare students to be successful as global citizens

Five Learning Outcomes We Instill in Our Students

Becoming Christ-Centered

In all our work, recreation, and interaction with one another, we - the staff, parents, and students - strive to exhibit character that is consistent with the teachings of Christ. This identity is at the heart of our day-to-day lives here at South Hills Academy. It is the basis of our family atmosphere, and it is the foundation of our approach to helping students develop into strong, successful adults by the time they graduate from high school.

Becoming Effective Communicators

Another fundamental aspect of successful people and of our daily operations at South Hills Academy is effective communication. Teachers work to constantly provide students with opportunities, models, and feedback for the development of outstanding communication skills. Students learn to read, write, listen, and speak effectively in a variety of situations by participating in stimulating projects and activities organized by the teacher, in student-run activities, and in informal interactions with fellow students and teachers.

Becoming Socially Engaged

We believe strong social engagement is vital for the prosperity of individuals and society, and so we guide our students to develop the habits and skills of beneficial social engagement which will allow them to live more fulfilling lives as adults and to contribute to the spread of Christian values and to the continued improvement of our society. Through lessons in the classroom, modeling by our staff members, participation in field trips and projects, and experience working and playing with their schoolmates, our students will learn to respect the rights and value of others, to understand and appreciate diversity, to build positive relationships, and to assume responsibility for making beneficial contributions to their communities.

Becoming Critical Thinkers

Critical thinking is a skill that is even more necessary in the age of information and technology. With all of the information that constantly bombards us, we need to know how to find the truth and separate it from untruth. SHA equips students with a strong foundation of truthful knowledge and with skills to gather, process, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information using a variety of strategies. By the time students graduate from high school, SHA wants students to have the confidence and ability to successfully navigate the sea of information to make sagacious decisions, solve problems, resolve conflicts, avoid falling prey to deception and falsehood, and continue to discover the truth.

Becoming Global Citizens

Recognizing that our world is becoming smaller and more globalized, SHA nurtures students into global citizens, adults who have a solid understanding and appreciation of the current situations and peoples of the world and who are capable of interacting with people of different cultures in a beneficially collaborative and synergistic manner. Being global citizens also means upholding our responsibility to help take care of our world and to promote peace, mutual respect, and goodwill in all our actions and interactions.

Our Curriculum

Our elementary, middle school, and high school programs are project-based and cross-curricular with a focus on hands-on learning. This means that we avoid students sitting idly listening to a teacher as much as possible.


Students are actively engaged in a real-world project that calls on their knowledge and skills from multiple subjects. This fosters collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking while boosting learning and making it much more interesting, enjoyable, and applicable outside of school.


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